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Original Passports
full registered in gov database
Canada/USA/Mexico Passports $987.75
UK/European Passports $790.2
New Zealand/Australian Passports $1086.52
Permanent Residency Visa
full registered in gov database
Canada/USA/Mexico Visa + SSN/CPN $987.75
UK/European Visa $790.2
New Zealand/Australian Visa $1086.52
Original Identity Cards
full registered in gov database
Canada/USA/Mexico ID Card $987.75
UK/European ID Card $790.2
New Zealand/Australian ID Card $1086.52
Original Driver Licenses
full registered in gov database
Canada/USA/Mexico Driver Licenses $987.75
UK/European Driver Licenses $790.2
New Zealand/Australian Driver Licenses $1086.52
Start a new life
New identity, Passport and Permament Residency VISA registered
Brazil/Venezuela/Colombia $2766.07
Bahamas/Cuba/Azores $2766.07
Cayman Islands/Jamaica $2766.07
UK/Europe/Russia $2173.42
Canada/USA/Panama/Mexico $2766.07
Australia/New Zealand/Vanuatu $2963.61
Dubai/United Arab Emirates $2963.61
Original Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates
full registered in records with full transcripts
Diploma (almost any School) $789.45
Bachelor Degree (almost any University) $1085.77
Master (almost any University) $1677.67
Certificate (any type) $691.05
Medical prescriptions (N.20 of any drug) $691.05
Hacking Services
Change status in official records
Recover stolen bitcoins from scammers $1085.77
Clean your criminal records $1085.77
Fix your credit history and score $789.45
Change your status (social, school, etc.) $789.45
Ruin a person’s life $1085.77
Registered Offshore Bank Accounts ($ 3000 in balance)
CIM Banque (Switzerland) $1480.49
Belize Bank Intl (Belize) $1282.94
Banco General (Panama) $1282.94
Cayman National (Cayman Islands) $1282.94
Finter Bank Zurich (Bahamas) $1282.94
MCB Seychelles (Seychelles) $1282.94
Commerzbank (Dubai) $1480.49
Clearstream Bank (Singapore) $1282.94
Emirates NDB (United Arab Emirates) $1480.49
Qatar National Bank (Qatar) $1480.49
Bank of China (Hong Kong) $987